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Yellow Arrow Photography is not just a business for me. There is great purpose behind the why of Yellow Arrow. I often get asked “How long have you been taking pictures?” My answer is usually something short and sweet but let me explain a little more about the how I started and fill you in on the why I continue to pursue this “business.”
It was my first wedding anniversay (13 years ago now) and my husband bought me a 35 mm camera. We took a trip to San Diego for a week-long celebration and this is when and where I fell in absolute love with taking photos. From there, I started taking photos for my friends’ Christmas cards or of their kids as they grew up. That naturally snow balled into doing weddings, senior photos, and countless family photos for people I knew and soon, people I didn’t know.
So, I guess that is the how I got started. Now for the why I continue… I found myself wanting to constantly get better so I called upon my sister in law Mckenzie to help me by doing photo shoots nearly every season of each year that went by. She made photography easy for me because she was so stunning and a natural in front of the camera. With her, I could try new things, push my limits and step out of my comfort zone more and more, all to get better. When Mckenzie was 16 she took her own life, a choice I will never understand. It is heartbreaking to see a beautiful young girl with SO much promise, a bright future, and endless possibilities ahead of her, not see that for herself. About a year after her death, I created Yellow Arrow Photography, my personal way to honor her. My motivation comes from a place of a deep appreciation for the life I’ve been given. I see photography as one of the greatest gifts I can give to other people. Being able to capture a moment in time for people, that they can keep forever, does something in my soul that nothing else can fill because we never how much time we have together in this life. Yellow Arrow has been a powerful and healing journey for me and I will continue to walk this journey as long as I am able.

Thank you for stopping by and learning more about Yellow Arrow. Here are a couple photos of the people I love most; my husband, my son and my daughter. May a day never go by without me telling each of them how much I love them.

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