My New Name

Hello! For those of you that know me, you might know me best as Jessica Dawn Photo. This is the name I have used for my photography business for about 6 years. So, why the switch to something totally different? Let me explain…

First of all, have you ever Googled your name just to see what would pop up? Well, when I typed “Jessica Dawn” into Google I got a very interesting and enlightening surprise. Apparently, I wasn’t the only Jessica Dawn on the internet. Some of the other Jessica Dawns represent images that I don’t want to be associated with my business in any way. Although the other Jessica Dawn is very pretty and has very nice hair, I decided to come up with something more original. The new name, Yellow Arrow Photography was chosen for reasons that are personal and special to me. And I was told that it sounded “catchy and significant.” So viola, here it is!

Welcome to Yellow Arrow Photography, a product of my dreams, passion, and personal mission to make a difference in this crazy beautiful world.


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