Nora and Cody’s Country Engagement Shoot | Wilsonville, OR | Yellow Arrow Photography

It amazes me how small this world is. Meet Nora and Cody, a lovely couple that contacted me for their engagement photos. After a few weeks of trying to nail down a day and place to get their session scheduled we finally got it set up. You see, Cody is a firefighter so his schedule is all over the place. 1 on, 2 off… kind of hit and miss depending on the week. Anyway, since I knew he was firefighter I brought up that my husband was a firefighter in the Air Force at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho. That’s when they said, “No way, Cody was in Mountain Home too!” Come to find out Cody was there when my husband was there, but they worked different shifts so they never met. That’s when the banter started about “Do you know so and so…” followed by “Oh my goodness, that’s one of our GREAT friends!” Needless to say, it was really awesome that the three of us found one another. I feel as if I have known Nora and Cody for years and being able to take their engagement photos was really awesome.

Thank you Nora and Cody for letting loose and having fun during your session. It was great meeting you and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

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Yellow Arrow Family Sessions | Salem, Oregon Family Photographer

There are few reasons why I love family sessions.
1. I am a firm believer that photographs are something people can keep forever and being able to be apart of creating that for someone fills me up.
2. Most people dread getting their photos taken. I love helping people through the process of relaxing during a session so their personalities can come out, creating genuine images and a final product that they love.
3. Everyone has a story to tell and we aren’t getting any younger. Time flies and people are precious. It might be a mother looking back at her newborn or a young man standing tall next to his grandfather. Photos become family heirlooms and sometimes one of the only things we have left of the ones we love.

Here are some best practices that I use when booking family sessions and helping others through this fun process…
1. I can help you decide on a location if you have NO IDEA what you want. I usually offer up 2-3 options to help families choose what best fits their personal needs and style.
2. WHAT DO WE WEAR?!!! Honestly, I tell people not to stress about this too much. I personally think it looks best when there are a couple different colors and even a pattern or two (stripes or plaid) to break up the colors.
3. Larger groups are awesome and YES, we can break up larger groups so each family unit gets their own images on top of the big family group photo.
4. The best time of day to schedule a session is about 2 hours before the sun goes down. You can’t get better lighting than that time of day. It’s just dreamy and absolutely gorgeous. Mornings before 11:00 can also work. I try to stay away from mid-day when the lighting is harsh.
5. What if it rains? We do have that reality in Oregon, especially in the late fall and winter months. I have shot sessions in the rain and if the family is okay with it we just have fun with it. However, I am always okay with rescheduling for another day if the family wishes.

Here are some family session highlights from some of my 2014 Yellow Arrow Families. If you want to book something just email me and I’d be happy to help you!:-)


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My Precious Pearl

For those of you that have recently seen me in person, you’ve probably noticed that I am, indeed, expecting a baby. This will be the second baby for my husband and I. We already have a son, Benjamin, and now we look forward to welcoming a baby girl sometime around the beginning of the year next year. A lot of you have asked, “Do you have a name picked out?” Well, as a matter of fact, we do!!


On my wedding day, my Aunt Liz gave me two stands of pearls that had belonged to my Great Grandma, Amy Cordelia (classiest name ever). I wore them when I married my husband 11 years ago and I still wear them for special occassions or when I just want to feel pretty. They are not just pretty beads but they are a piece of my past that allow me to feel connected to my family heritage.

A pearl is a symbol of unblemished perfection, purity, honesty, wisdom and integrity. No two precious gems are alike. When a foreign object enters a mollusk shell the small creature goes to work and transforms the foreign object into a beautiful masterpiece. It experiences great pain and suffering to create something so perfect and unique. This process is pretty amazing and something I believe to be another sign of God’s grace. We all experience pain and suffering at some point in our lives. Over time, we find ways to cope and heal and if we seek hard enough, beauty will reveal itself through the storm. Maisie is our little pearl; formed by God’s hand and everlasting love.


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Shaffer Twins Photo Session | Salem, Oregon Photographer

These twin sisters are just too cute!! I was amazed at how well they did during their photo session. Very little tears, lots of personality, maybe a short nap, and two lovely parents to cheer them on throughout the whole thing. I would have never guessed that these two little ladies came into the world very early and spent a great amount of time in the NICU before being able to go home. They were healthy and happy as can be. I am just smitten with their little noses and toes. You can’t get much cuter than this!

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